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Our Story

Born in London, based everywhere.

Prime Authors started with two young adults from different parts of the world, who bonded over their shared love for writing and coffee in London. Being literature enthusiasts, wordsmiths, avid readers, and nerds for cult classics. They spent hours engaged in writing prompts, short stories, slam poetry, fan fiction, anything and everything in some way or the other connected to literature and creative writing.

Colleagues, friends, friends of friends, and even strangers started to recognize the spark and slowly and gradually the spark turned into a flame.

One after another, they started taking orders to make ends meet and afford a piece of pie now and then. Through recommendations and word of mouth, their popularity grew and they decided to make a living out of the very thing that they loved to do.

Since then, they’ve helped people write books long and short, simple and complex, fiction, non-fiction, in styles we didn't' know even existed, in genres and niches as diverse as a rainbow. One link led to another, and we are now connected to more like-minded people. The team grew, so did the business and the number of projects.

Today, they have head offices in both their home towns, work with clients from all over the world and are a successful name in the ghostwriting industry, and our words are quoted all around the internet.

Prime Authors is remote work at its best. Our distributed model means we can work with talent from around the world and still maintain an amazing culture. It also means we can be extremely efficient and focus on what matters.

For writers seeking the best that assisted-publishing can offer, Prime Authors offers the highest quality Writing. Editing, design, formatting and marketing services provided by a team of specialists. We have introduced certain unique services, designed packages tailored to meet specific author objectives and will keep an eye out for titles that perform well in the marketplace. Prime Authors is dedicated to helping new and emerging talent find its own path to publication.

Our pre-stage and post-stage solutions are assembled to make your books get published in the most hassle-free manner possible. Whether your project is at the initial stages, at the half-way line, or almost completed, our solutions assure that you get what you want, just the way you want it.

What makes Prime Authors stand Apart?

Our team of expert professionals guarantee a smooth and satisfying experience, ensuring the authors receive our services above their expectations. Our processes are strict, and we follow them accordingly, guarantying no loopholes especially through our constant communication. At Prime Authors, we believe in the power of never giving up, and stop at anything until we make our author's happy!

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