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High-Value Digital Marketing Agency in the US.

Maximize Your ROI with A Full-Stack Digital Marketing Agency.

Whether it’s SEO, SMM, Copywriting, or PPC Management, our digital marketing experts deliver innovative solutions that perfectly match your business goals.


Build Your Business With Our Social Media Marketing Experts

Ultimate social media marketing for individual, small, and big organizations.

  • Professionally maintain social accounts to generate leads and sales
  • Increase your business sales with social media ads
  • Appropriate, relevant hashtags
  • Enhance visual content
  • Meta friendly keywords

Outstanding SEO Services Provider

  • Maximize the traffic to your author platforms
  • Use relevant keywords and backlinks for blogs
  • UX creative SEO content
  • Organic traffic on your book website by long tail keywords.

Don't wait. Get our best book marketing services and optimize your book sales with Prime Authors.


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Book Marketing Services

  • Amazon ebook promotion services and book publicity services
  • KDP PPC campaign setup and boost traffic, optimize book sale
  • Fully integrated title with meta description to customer's attention
  • Paid advertising and book marketing services on self-publishing book
  • Grow brand with real-time reviewing and product status monitoring
  • Guaranteed Book marketing service that optimizes your sales up to 50% within 1-2 months
  • Overview of key metrics and calculation for improving the ratio of book marketing sales
  • Setting up your marketing campaign and providing the best book marketing services
  • Optimize your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) profile with the best SEO Amazon Marketing Master plan.

Optimize Your Online Presence with Prime Author

We provide various services that fuel your brand in a competitive world.

  • Boost brand awareness and book promotion campaigns
  • High-end customer retention and best book marketing services
  • Expand your book business and generate leads
  • Automate your progress with research influencer marketer



  • Award-winning interactive campaigns marathoner
  • Use long-term and effective strategies to get consumers' intention
  • Best book marketing services and book promotion services with relevant ads
  • Grow your book brand sales with creative visuals
  • Develop top-talent book marketing services and book promotion services

Our book marketing services

If you grasp our best book marketing services, what would you get?

  • Award-winning book marketing company
  • High-quality book promotion services and book publicity services
  • Top-notch author marketing service
  • Ranked website on Google with imperative way
  • Focus on new book marketing strategies and implement onward
  • Copywrite book marketing service
  • B2B and B2C marketing service provider
  • Optimize book marketing sites and promote a self-published book
  • Implementation of SEO with persuasive Google Trends


Prime Author is the name of a pro book marketing intellectual. We have launched many. Author's articles in Forbes, Business Insider, and Bloomberg also enhanced book sales on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and provided the best book marketing services. Our book marketing services and author marketing services are tailored to your goals, your genre, and your skill level.

Want to Write Your Own Book

We put together spectacular works of fiction, autobiographies, biographies, manuals, and more.

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