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Unleash Your Writing Career With Unrivalled Book Editing Services

Writing is not just about remarkable plot, penetrating storytelling, and reflective characters; it's also about the ongoing editing process. The best-selling novels undergo continuous editing to make every detail precise, unique, and creative. It's a process that refines your narrative, creates new possibilities, and offers multiple dimensions to develop the story. There's more; your story gets a free flow that helps the reader to engage with the story. Prime Author is a hub of outstanding editors that shines your effort of making an exceptional product for the market with extraordinary book editing services.

Deep Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is an over-encompassing process in a manuscript's pre-writing, during-writing, and post-writing. It is an analytical relationship of characterization, plot, story diversions, dialogues, setting, themes, historical background, and chapter structure to make it a cohesive manuscript that gels the reader with the story. For any manuscript, the structural amendments of the discourse happen during the developmental editing process making book editing a vital function for creating an impeccable book.

Our developmental process entails the following:

  • A feedback loop about the manuscript's progress, amendments, and follow-ups.
  • A thorough editing process of the intricate details of the story; plot, dialogues, characters, actions, and structure.
  • A comprehensive plan about the following steps and deep insight into the creative enhancement.
  • A detailed conversation about planning, innovating, and creating better plans for book editing.

Line-by-Line Editing

A story must be in a flow that engages the reader with concise, clear, entertaining and educating language. It's more about the style and tone of the book. Undoubtedly, an ugly structured sentence inhibits the ability of a story to unfold in a more captivating, blossoming, and artistic manner. There's more to line-by-line editing; it fuels the pace of the narrative process, helps in word choice, and deters any logical fallacy in the story. To make the language clear-cut, easy-to-read, and clear, we execute a line-by-line editing process to cut-to-the-chase process.

Our Line Editing Process Entails the following:

  • Adjusting the tone, structure, and characters of the story.
  • Editing sentences, format, and paragraphs with track changes.
  • The organic flow of sentences, sentence structure, and the story's precision.
  • Omitting logical miscalculations, POV diversions, and ambiguous narratives.

Quality Proofreading

As with all the steps involved in the editing process, proofreading is essential to eradicate the errors hidden in the crevices of the potentially best-selling story. It improves the quality of your story delivery, makes the writer and publisher a professional authority, crisscross hasty generalization, and redirects the document to the gest of the book. The process covers all the grammatical, typographical, and formatting issues.

Proofreading is an entirely different process compared to editing. We close-read the document, proof-check homonyms, omit punctuation errors, and improve sentence structure, like run-ons and fragments.

Our Proofreading Process Entails the following:

  • A precise copy with an extensively error-proof document.
  • An impeccable accuracy for tone, delivery of the story, and readability.

Extensive Beta Testing

After a manuscript is ready, we go forward by testing it with beta readers to further enhance the betterment process of the book by looking at the book from various point-of-views to get their critical views about it. Note that the beta reader can be as effective as the alpha reader because of the insight into the genre and critical point-of-view. It helps in getting into the target audience's shoes and analyzing if there are any existing problems in the story's conciseness, flow, dialogues, and structure. Moreover, It helps get reviews if any sentimental, racial, or personal criticism is involved that might offend any audience section.

Our Beta Testing Entails The Following:

  • Getting the target audience that knows the genre and what we are trying to achieve with any book.
  • Making a critical assessment that gathers the beta tester's information about their opinion of the book.
  • Figuring out the objective issues through personal engagement with the beta readers and getting their critical input.
  • After getting valuable inputs, analyzing and amending what's required in the story to make it more impactful.

Affordable And Timely Editing Solutions

As a human fueled by caffeine, whether or not you are writing your first draft or working on your book series, you are bound to make minor editing errors. Editors at the Prime Authors realize that mistakes can happen; hence they are always trying to remedy errors.

How We Work


Book Questionnaire:

Once an order has been confirmed, we send our customers a brief questionnaire about the author's vision for their book, which they must fill. This is to make sure that the authors and the writers are on the same page at all times.


Interview Sessions:

We arrange an interview between the author and a specialized account manager once we receive the brief form. The interviewer guides the author in the direction of a discussion that will take us to the next stage.


Outline/Initial Draft:

This process continues as soon as the interview is recorded. The dedicated account manager then communicates directly with the assigned writer, and an outline or a first draft is created based on the information and the author's requirements.



We provide the first draft or outline to the author for review and comments. If accepted, we'll keep revising the chapters till they're complete. If the author asks for changes or revisions, we'll make them and finish the project on schedule.

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Our team of expert professionals guarantee a smooth and satisfying experience, ensuring the authors receive our services above their expectations. Our processes are strict, and we follow them accordingly, guarantying no loopholes especially through our constant communication. At Prime Authors, we believe in the power of never giving up, and stop at anything until we make our author's happy!

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