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How do I set up an account?

The main things you’ll need are a valid email address, signed agreements allowing us to print and distribute your book. Payment information are other piece of info. required, so you can pay us for printing and we can pay for their marketing.

What formats do my books need to be in?

A PDF of the cover and a separate PDF of the inside material are required for print books. An EPUB file containing the inner material and a JPEG of the cover are required for ebooks.

What do I need to publish a book with Prime Authors?

You'll need your book's cover and inside files, as well as completely established account (you've finished all stages of the account creation procedure).

If you want to make your book accessible for distribution, you'll also need an ISBN for each format. We may get your ISBN as soon as you create a title with us.

Do you Offer any guarantees?

Terms and Conditions for details, do review it for clear understanding. Our crystal-clear process ensures client’s security, therefore before proceeding with any order, we make sure we have sent a legal binding contract and a non-disclosure agreement stating the services you are entitled to and the terms and conditions our firm offer.

What if I don’t need every service in your comprehensive packages?

You are completely free to choose the services you need from Prime Authors. If you don't want to use any of the service provided in the list, Prime Authors even provide decrement in the price. We're glad to tailor our services to your specific requirements. You may contact any of our online experts, who will advise you on the best service for your needs and provide you with a personalized quote.

What if I just want a feedback or consultation on my book?

Writers who want to enhance their work can benefit from our editing and coaching services. Prime Authors do provide comments on the book's structure and idea, a critical evaluation of the flow and transitions, copyediting modifications to the text itself, at whatever degree of detail you need. We may also address particular problems in our evaluation of your work if you request it. If you offer a suggestion, our editors will make the necessary adjustments and enhance the work.

How involved would I need to be in the process?

Your interest is completely on your choice. You can opt to work closely with your ghostwriter, or simply provide them with basic information and let them handle rest. The book is yours, which means that you have final say on the content and it’s your decision how and when you give your input and approval. We’ll work with you to customize the process so that it fits your schedule and preferred working style. Although in an autobiography/memoir it is highly recommended to work side by side with Prime Authors ghostwriter.

Can I meet and discuss my book with the ghostwriter face to face?

Prime Authors do not accept walk-in clients since we are an online company with a procedure that includes telephone interviews and chat sessions. Meeting with customers would reduce the team's productivity and cause time to be wasted. However, in an unclear scenario, we meet with customers if the purchase exceeds £30,000 in order to fulfil the customer's specific requirements.

How long does Prime Authors process normally take?

Being Prime Authors’ part is partially up to you—the author! Depending on your schedule and desired level of involvement, our ghostwriter will develop material for you to review and approve on biweekly or weekly basis.

How are writers screened to make sure they qualify for this network?

All candidates must pass a background check and a drug test. The validity of their credentials will be verified. Writers and developmental editors require a track record of books they've written and edited that have been published. We'll assign the writer to the job based on that information.

Are your services 100% confidential?

Without a doubt! All of our services are completely confidential. Prime Authors will never use the information you give for any other reason, and we will never use the text created for your book again. We have a detailed privacy policy on our website, and we'd be glad to give you a non-disclosure agreement as well. You may leave a testimonial if you're satisfied, and we'll publish it on the website with your permission.

Do I have to give the ghostwriter any credit or co-authorship?

No! Unless you want to tell them, no one will know you received assistance with the writing process. All of Prime Authors services are completely confidential. We'll always help you tell your tale, but it'll always be your story in your words only the words will be ours. We don't own or have any rights to your book in any way. Even if your book makes a million dollars, unless you want to, you will never owe us any credit or further money. Credit is always appreciated, but it is never expected.

I had a great/bad experience with the writer I selected. Should I tell the network coordinator?

Certainly, you can! Any writer who receives a number of genuine negative feedback complaints will be removed from Prime Authors team. Note that an editor refusing to work without money or doing free extra work (outside the boundaries of the agreement) is not a valid complaint; however, an editor missing a contractual deadline or being unavailable is. Since the business was founded in 2014, genuine complaints have been uncommon due to the network's ethical standards and the gathering of feedback from network customers. Please share your editor's experience with the network coordinator.


What things to consider before choosing a ghostwriter?

Because the internet is flooded with online editing and writing services, it may be difficult to locate the finest ghostwriter for your book or any other task. Finding a dependable and trustworthy writing service seems to be almost difficult. Here are a few things to think about before hiring a ghostwriter:

  • The Cost Factor To be honest, writing a decent book is a difficult job that takes many days and a lot of effort. So, bear in mind that it will also demand a substantial amount. Don't be swayed by low-cost or low-quality ghostwriters.

  • Who is the legal owner of the rights? Because some authors ask for partial rights, don't surrender your rights to ghostwriters because it's your concept and your book. Keep an eye out for these kinds of authors and don't hand up your rights to them.

  • Arrangement for Payment and its Regulation Paying ghostwriters in instalments is a good idea. Pay just the first deposit and only the remaining balance if you are happy with Prime Authors services. So, make a contract with the ghostwriter since it is the greatest choice for reducing the danger of frauds.

  • Who is in control here? While working with a ghostwriter is a team effort, you should have ultimate power of argument over all content. If a writer refuses to prioritize your wants and demands, just initially we will change the writer.

  • Who is in charge of the situation? Collaborative work is what you get when you work with a ghostwriter of Prime Authors. However, be certain our writer pencil down material according to your specifications, and that you have final stance over it. Whether or not to include or exclude information from the book or manuscript.

  • Should I hire a freelancer or a company? We recommend going with a company rather than a freelancer since companies are more reliable and widely experienced. However, keep in mind that there are a number of skilled and trustworthy freelancers available. The majority of these freelancers are overbooked, so double-check their availability so you can prevent yourselve with any troublesome situation. With a company like Prime Authors, you can count on efficiency and on completing your job on time.

  • Market Status and Reputation Examine the writing service's reputation by assessing their authors, editors, and contacts in past. Verify whether or if they have previously worked on a similar kind of project. Always take precautions and make sure you're dealing with a reputable freelancer or business.

What to do if I don’t need your complete ghostwriting package?

Our business strives to offer the best possible service to our users and customers. Because we accommodate our customers, you may feel secure and free to select our services. If you just require a few services, we can also offer lower price. We would be delighted to meet all of your needs in order to help you accomplish your objectives.

Do I have to grant the credit to the ghostwriter?

No! That is why the term "ghostwriting" was coined. No one will ever know you have assistance with your writing. Our company ensures full confidentiality and complete privacy. We make no demands about your content's ownership. We are unaffiliated with any type of rights or additional credit, even if your book earns millions or billions. Be careful that some ghostwriters may want additional payment if your book makes a large amount of money

Are your services 100 % private?

Yes. Our customers have full privacy of their work, and our services are completely confidential, we believe in bonding and that comes by maintaining legal words. We will never use your personal information or data for any reason at all. Our policy on privacy is very dependable and thorough. We may also offer our clients with a NDA that is non-disclosure agreement.

Is ghostwriting process time-consuming?

It all depends on the size and scope of your content and work requirements. It goes without saying that a high-quality book takes hundreds of hours and many weeks to complete as it requires research and creativity. There are many procedures to follow, including information collecting, writing sessions, planning, and editing. It is required for the book's originality and uniqueness. It takes about 5-8 months to finish a book comprise of 200 pages. However, if you pay a substantial sum, we can accomplish this fast for you according to your specifications.

Can I add my own writing? Will this help me save money?

Indeed, it is possible, content provided by the client will be included and edited at no additional cost by Prime Authors Writer. It does not require a lot of imagination, so if you have it, you may write, and this helps you save money as well.

What if I only need consultation and feedback on my manuscript?

Our company also offers these services if you're looking for someone to provide your comments and suggestions on your work. For this task, we have a team of experienced editors and senior editors who are willing to provide their valuable insight as leading you in the market is our essential goal. If you'd like, we may also make corrections to our review if there are any issues.

Do you offer research services?

Yes, we also provide our customers with research-based services. As part of our ghostwriting services, you'll get this assistance. Prime Authors have a group of academics and internet sleuths that will go through and summarise your work.

Can I choose my preferred ghostwriter? Can I check the sample of their writing?

When it comes to connecting customers with the finest authors, we have a great deal of experience and expertise under our belt! In order to ensure that our clients are satisfied, we are happy to offer examples of our finest ghostwriters. Using our ghostwriter services, you may be certain that you will be pleased.


What is the major difference between heavy editing and proofreading?

To get the desired outcomes, editing requires a multifaceted strategy. Detecting significant content issues as well as small mistakes was accomplished using proofreading and heavy editing, which are essentially the same technique.

  • Copy Editing and Proofreading:We employ a copy-editing service to fix the most common grammatical and typographical mistakes. Only books that are flawlessly written are sent to us for proofreading, so that we can find and fix any mistakes.

  • In-Depth Editing: In-Depth editing includes extensive edits and reviews to ensure that grammar and diction are correct as well as transitions and flow. If you're a good writer, minimal proofreading is all you'll need to do, but for the most part, your work will need extensive editing. Depending on the state of the manuscript, we modify the pricing.

  • Analysis and Preliminary Review: Service includes detailed comments on your work as well as an opportunity to discuss it with one of our writing editing specialists is provided by Prime Authors. Both editors carefully examine your work before making comments and suggestions on how to make it better via revisions and analysis.

  • Developmental Editing: It is the editor and the author's joint effort that goes into developmental editing. The editor helps the author revise, write, and prepare their work as part of this process. Heavily edited scripts are used to address significant problems such character development, narrative structure, pace, style, and voice. This kind of editing is time-consuming. For grammatical and spelling issues, this method is also used. This is the ideal option for novice or inexperienced writers.

  • Rewriting and Ghostwriting: When novice writers need help, they may need more than just editing, in this case, we provide ghostwriting and/or rewriting assistance and complete services. Authentic material and research are used in ghostwriting, whereas current information is paraphrased according to your will in rewriting. With our ghostwriter service, we'll assist you in creating fresh and unique material. Authors will be able to increase the overall length of their well-written papers.

How can I find out which kind of service I need?

It's up to you and your content's quality and clarity. This is a question we often ponder while the text is being developed. If your work is flawless, all that's left is a thorough proofread to bring it to the next level of polishing. To begin with, heavy editing is ideal for those who have little or no experience in writing. The greatest way to obtain feedback or comments on your work is via critical analysis or review. The benefits of doing this are that you'll receive more detailed advice as well as assistance throughout the developmental process. We also provide ghostwriting and rewriting services to improve the quality of your work by removing errors and adding depth. You should not be concerned about sending us a sample of your work since we will examine and analyse it for free in the beginning. In addition, we'll provide our professional insight into your work and recommend the most appropriate services in light of it.

Will my editor execute the revisions?

You can count on us to pencil adjustment on your work and provide comments to help you improve, but it is all your choice. All changes are tracked and then any grammatical mistakes are corrected. This device aids you in recognizing the changes we've made.

I have written a book before, but was not thriving? Can you help?

The writing process requires originality and technical proficiency. There are very few individuals who are able to do it as it requires experience and knowledge. In order to get the finest end results, every writer needs an editor since he or she can keep track of changes and work with them. If you already have content or a manuscript, we can assist polish it by thoroughly reviewing it and correcting any mistakes or problems we find. As part of our ghostwriting services, we also provide complimentary book proposals and customized query letters.

The best way to discover a well-known literary agent? We will provide you with a list of literary agents that represent writers in your field, so you won't have to worry. We're the ideal choice for experienced up-and-coming writers, looking for a company to help polish their work. We have a team of experienced authors, editors, publishers, and marketers that can assist you in achieving your publication objectives.

How do you help in publishing and marketing once the book is complete?

New writers face a difficult and intimidating market, as the market is filled with refined and polish authors. For hybrid publishing, traditional publishing, and self-publishing, we will provide advice and assistance to you. In all of our ghostwriting packages, we provide free query letters and proposals. Publishers and literary agencies will be interested in your work if you use this tool to promote and market it. In addition, we will assist you in locating the ideal literary agent from a variety of genres to whom you should address your query letter.

What will I get with my Interior Book Design?

Your book will be distributed both online and in print when you have the ebook and print-ready files.

What do I need to prepare for my Interior book design project?

As for the design, we'll need your finished text as well as information on the genre and general aesthetic preferences so that it may be integrated into the final product.

How much will the price vary?

The cost of your project will be determined by the amount of words in your manuscript as well as the images (if any) you want to add.

You'll be able to negotiate a fee with the designer after you've contacted them before committing to the job.

What’s the turnaround time?

Depending on the scope of the project, this may vary significantly. When discussing the project with your consultant, you may lock this down.


Will you help me publish my manuscript?

Yes, without a doubt. Regardless of whether you want to self-publish or go via a traditional publisher, we can assist you in getting your book published. Every kind of publication, including conventional publishing, eBook publishing, and print on demand (POD) publishing, is something we help our customers with. We will serve as your literary agents and offer you with a list of publishing houses if you choose the conventional route of self-publishing. In addition, we will work together with our customers to develop a marketing plan that would entice potential customers to make a purchase. We'll help you self-publish in soft or hard form, and we'll recommend the finest platforms for you to use. We will always stand by our customers throughout the formatting and publication process.

What is the process of discovering a literary agent?

Your inquiry letter or proposal must be sent to a literary agency if you want to publish your book conventionally. Some authors claim that in order to get a literary agency, you need to submit your work to over 80 different agencies. Finding a literary agency is a difficult and time-consuming process, but once you do, the agent acts as a cheerleader for you and your book. We will serve as your literary agent to assist you get a publishing contract and will work with you to create a personalized query letter and best proposal.

What is the book publishing process?

A book may be published in a variety of ways. It's entirely up to you whatever method you go with. In the traditional publishing model, your work is submitted to a number of publishing companies and literary agents who represent it and ask them to publish it. It's a difficult procedure for first-time writers, to say the least. A publisher will buy the rights to print your book after you've found one. It's a lengthy procedure that may take months or even years to complete. Nowadays, self-publishing is the most straightforward and popular option. Create a cover for the book and submit it to any platform. Self-publishing is now a viable option, but conventional publishing will always have a place in publishing. Through appropriate consultation and suggestions, we are able to provide both services.

What is the major difference between traditional publishing and self-publishing?

It takes a lot of time and energy for new writers to break into traditional publication. To have your book published, you'll need to locate a literary agent who can pitch it to publishers. Finally, he manages to track out a publisher willing to buy the rights to your work and put it out into the world. When you publish with a conventional publisher, they are in charge of everything from the cover design through printing and promotion.

There are benefits to both conventional publishing and self-publishing. In terms of publishing options, traditional publishing is the greatest choice for aspiring writers looking to make money and get exposure from their work. Because publishers do not want to take a chance, self-publishing is the greatest option for first-time writers. As a result, authors just need to prepare their book once and then submit it to any digital platform. Traditional publishers have the power to request changes to your work, and you lose all rights as a result of their actions. Self-publishing, on the other hand, gives you greater control and allows you to keep your rights. This means that the publisher bears all of the marketing and distribution expenses in conventional publishing. Many aspiring writers choose self-publishing as a way to demonstrate their abilities and marketability so that agencies and publishers will take notice. Self-publishing is becoming more popular over time, especially when compared to more conventional methods.

Can I send the same proposal or query letter to multiple agents and publishers?

Sections of your work may be sent to various agencies and publishers. For maximum impact, submit a tailored query letter or an updated proposal to many agents and publishers. To get the publisher's attention, your query letter has to be very clear about the concept of your book.

Do you guarantee that my book will be published?

We will ensure that your book is published if you self-publish. You'll also get a copy of your book, and we'll put it up for sale on sites like Kindle, Amazon, and others. It's easy to achieve your objectives with conventional publishing since we provide a complete list of genre-appropriate publishers that assist you publish your book and also take on the duty for advertising and distributing it, but we can't guarantee what the publisher's will do.


How many book will I sell as a result of a book marketing campaign?

It's impossible to forecast book sales with any degree of accuracy. Book or e-book sales are difficult to forecast when factors like public response and author performance in interviews are beyond of anyone's control. To be sure, only publications with a high chance of receiving media attention — which is crucial for stimulating book sales — are taken on by well-known marketing companies like ours.

If I need Consulting rather than a full campaign, can Prime Authors help?

Yes! At different phases of the publication process, we provide advisory services to writers.

It may involve aid with creating a long-term pre- and post-publication strategy, team brainstorming for cover designs and book titles, website content guidance, Amazon optimization, Good reads and other book support services, and a variety of other areas where writers may need assistance.

Do you promote Controversial Books?

Yes, in most of the cases, controversy is often beneficial to PR.

It elicits discussion and make your content viral, but it totally depends on your choice, it provides interesting interviews, and may help a book stand out.

We do not, however, promote publications that contain hostile themes or incite violence, among other things.

My book is Self-published, is that a problem?

Completely not. We have more expertise than any other publishing firm in marketing self-published books.

We were one of the first book PR firms to deal with e-books and e-book publishers, as well as solely self-published works. Working with us will give you absolute confidence.

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